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There are an infinite number of designs for the rockets. Your imagination is the key here. People launch all sizes of bottles. People launch things that aren't even bottles.

In fact, people launch using just air, or liquid nitrogen, or even propane. I'm not going to go there, however. This is a site about water rockets.

There are many people, including the world record holders, that launch multiple stage rockets. Some enlarge their single tanks by binding two cut off bottles together. I'm not at that level of rocketry. Yet. I've focused my energies on the traditional single tank design. Working on eeking the greatest altitude using convential design.

I'm hoping to bring you greater detail of rocket designs in the near future. Future categories are:

  • Single Stage rocket on launcher Single stage - The traditional rocket design.
  • Extended Rockets - Extending the single stage rocket giving a creater tank capacity
  • Two Stage - Utilizing two tanks to increase altitude by providing and additional thrust during flight.
  • Multiple Stage - Utilizint multiple tanks to increase altitude by providing multiple thrusts during flight.
  • Non-traditional Design - 1 liter, 3 liter, 5 Gallon rockets.


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