CULLY Technologies Services:

Desktop Systems:

We have developed Windows, Mac and Linux based desktop systems, both large and small. These systems were mission critical to the businesses that hired us. Desktops allow for the best hard-core data entry performance. Allow us the opportunity to discuss your needs and see what solutions we come up with.

Web Applications

Many people say they can create web applications. Not many have years and years of experience with high transaction, e-commerce and business to business web based applications. Ask us about our experience.

We can match the right web technology to your business needs. It might be brocureware but high-end dynamic web site, a shopping cart, or a custom data-centric web application. We have experience in providing all of these solutions.

Phone Application Development

Let's be honest. Phone application development is still in the Wild-wild-west phase. We can help you navigate this dusty world and get you best bang for your phone application data-centric environments.

Don't get taken to the cleaners with an ever-expanding phone application test base. We have a simple, proven phone development methodology that is reasonably priced.

System Integration

Many companies have systems that just don't quite "fit" anymore. Do you have to throw out your existing investment? No! We can add on, and extend your system. We can even make two systems talk together by building a bridge.

Computer / System Training

Ever have that feeling that you or your people could be more efficient with the systems that they currently have? Training can pay for itself in very short order and the benefits last far into the future. Ask us about our experience with computer training.

All Services Include:

  • State-of-the-art Technology
  • Industry standard best-practices
  • Honest technology advice
  • Reasonable rates
  • Short cycle development
  • Short cycle deployment
  • FREE initial meeting & planning


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