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Web & Desktop Applications This company sells furniture from multiple manufacturers to schools, churches, and government entities. This custom shopping cart integrates multiple shipping companies to determine the cheapest shipping option.

Forsyth County Archery Club

Forsyth Archery This youth based archery club attracts archers from 6 area counties, and utilized this website for communicating events and tournament schedule with their members. The website is WordPress based allowing for easier updating.

Social Security Advocates for the Disabled

SSAD Worked with design company to publish articles and press-releases for the latest information about SSAD.

Atlanta Xojo Users Group

Atlanta Xojo Users Group This site helps communicate with members about the schedule and upcoming events in regards to Xojo development.

Products & Solutions


ctSiteMonitor can help you make sure you are getting the most out of your web sites and web applications. Hosting companies are quick to quote their three-nines service, but are you really getting that reliability? The ctSiteMonitor application will give you an external monitoring system that will email you when (if?) a web site goes down, and when it comes back up.

Chart Part

ChartPart is an open-source native Xojo class that you drop into your projects for when you need elementary charting capabilities. ChartPart works on Linux, Mac, and Windows. Chart types available are bar charts, stacked bar charts, pie charts, and line charts.

Presentations & Publications

FOXCON 2015: Xojo for the Desktop and Web

My presentation was intended to be on the technical side of the presentation list, to give a (very) brief overview of the Xojo product with greater focus on Web application development. I prepared a lot of slides for the presentation but attempted to get through the slides as quickly as possible. I understood that the attendees are going to be most impressed by seeing the actual demonstration of the Xojo programming development environment. After a brief and simple example of a web application, I headed into a more extensive sample application of “Eddie’s Electronics”. This demo application demonstrated more advanced web topics: database access and data display, dynamic image display, and Google Maps.

xDev Magazine: 3 Paradyms for Data Access in Xojo

I’m proud to announce that our article on “3 Paradyms for Data Access in Xojo” has been published in xDev Magazine for the Jan/Feb 2015 issue! It was great working with Scott Boss of Nocturnal Coding Monkeys on the article.

PostgreSQL Users Group

Using PostgreSQL with Xojo to develop web applications. I modified a web application to switch from using SQLite databases to using PostgreSQL. I deployed the application to Digital Ocean cloud server. The application ran in browsers and mobile devices.

Using Visual Foxpro to access MySQL

MySQL is a very popular database solution released under the GNU license as well as for a fee without restrictions. We'll be taking a look at MySQL from a VFP perspective. We will be: Comparing MySQL with the VFP DBC, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL; looking at how to install MySQL; finding ou what GUI tools are available to administer and query MySQL

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