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Data | Information | Knowledge | Power
How can CULLY Technologies assemble your data, turn it into useful information, help you apply your information to become knowledge?   Over the web or over a local area network.   And as we all know, knowledge is POWER!

Business Solutions CULLY Technologies aims to empower businesses with sound business advice and solutions to apply technology that can give you a competitive advantage. Our philosophy is truly to be a trusted partner with your company. This trust must be earned. We do this by delivering solutions that are cost effective and doesn't "hog-tie" you or your future.

Your Solutions You own the work that we develop for you. Any art, logos, and programs that we custom develop for you, you own. Many other companies will retain the rights of the products that they develop for you. This is one way we hope to develop trust and foster a healthy relationship. The solutions we suggest to you will be tailor fitted to your business and budget.

Open Solutions The technology world is changing. It used to be a "closed source" technology world. You may or may not have heard of "open source" software but it is having a deep impact on the software industry. Open source or open-source software (OSS) is any computer software distributed under an open-source license or available under terms meeting the Open Source Definition. How does this affect you? With open-source software you are no longer held hostage to proprietary software. You can read and modify the software in any way you see fit. It's your data and your business. Shouldn't you expect to use it how you see fit? There is a cornucopia of open-source software solutions from you to choose from, many of them are free or at extremely reasonable licensing rates.

Cost Effective Solutions We leverage the best of open-source software (such as MySQL, Apache, PHP, and Python) and open-source operating systems (such as Linux), to be able to solve your business solutions for less. Period. We can demonstrate and supply alternative computing platforms that replicate and improve on all of your existing functionality. From office desktops to back-end servers and firewalls, we can extend your IT infrastructure whilst delivering better reliability and improved security. (We do MicroSoft based solutions too.)

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