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  • Using VFP to access MySQL - MySQL is a very popular database solution released under the GNU license as well as for a fee without restrictions. We'll be taking a look at MySQL from a VFP perspective. We will be: Comparing MySQL with the VFP DBC, SQL Server, and PostgreSQL; looking at how to install MySQL; finding ou what GUI tools are available to administer and query MySQL; looking at how to upsize VFP structures and data to MySQL; and looking at various techniques for connecting, querying and updating data from VFP; looking at the EXPLAIN command (optimization); and finding out how the wwSQL class from West-Wind to make things easier.
    06/20/2007 Presented to the Atlanta FoxPro Users Group.
  • Visual Foxpro : Data From Scratch - What if you wanted to create a parent and child table, with 100,000 records in the parent table, 1 to 5 child records, populated with some (slightly) meaninful information, and then to display them where as you move through the parent records that the appropriate child records would be displayed. All from scratch. How long would that take? In Visual Foxpro, it takes under three minutes. I even left in some syntax errors and the fixing of those errors.
    08/20/2006 Screencast : 10M
  • Using VFP to create LaTeX documents - What if you wanted to generate a book complete with cross-referenced tables, figures, mathematical equations, scientific notations, bibliographies, table of contents, indexes and more? For these purposes you might use TeX (pronounced 'Tekh') or a superset called LaTeX (lay-tekh). LaTeX is a markup language used mainly by mathematicians, scientists, and engineers in academia to create documents due to its strong typesetting characteristics.
    07/20/2006 Presented to the Atlanta FoxPro Users Group.
  • Linux As A Desktop Operating System - This document presents a frank and (mostly) balanced look at the Linux operating system, pointing out its strengths and weaknesses, how it compares to Windows, what productivity software is available, and how that productivity software matches up to the offerings available on Windows. He will also be discussing the issues of which distribution of Linux to choose, how they differ from one another, cost and licenses.
    02/19/2004 Presented to the Atlanta FoxPro Users Group.
  • Handling Graphics with VFP8, GDI+ and Web Connection - Web Connection, beginning with version 4.20 began exposing certain GDI+ functions via the wwImaging.dll and some extended functions. We will be taking these functions to the limit, discussing the capabilities, strengths and weaknesses by way of example.
    04/17/2003 Presented to the Atlanta FoxPro Users Group.
  • Web Connect - Building Web Applications With VFP - How to build a web application from start to finish. Query data, return HTML, Excel, XML, and PDF output. Securing our web application.
    06/29/2002 Presented on behalf of the Atlanta FoxPro Users Group.
  • Web Connect wwBusiness Class - WC4.15 releases a powerful business object for us to consume.
    03/21/2002 Presented to the Atlanta FoxPro Users Group.
  • Hybrid Applications - Fat client applications accessing remote data via HTTP.
    11/15/2001 Presented to the Atlanta FoxPro Users Group
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